Friday, 22 November 2013

The Witch's Storm by Neel Kay

This book is the fabulous follow up to The Witch of Luna Hill which I reviewed earlier this year on here. I downloaded it and read it straight away as I was eager to read more.

In this book, Aia now knows she is actually Freya Willand a powerful witch. She can't use her powers yet as her memory has still not come back due to a binding spell she performed on herself after a tragic accident she felt responsible for resulted in the death of a man. Parmona, the fiancee of the man she killed is one of the most ruthless witchs alive and she will stop at nothing to discover where Freya is and to take revenge by making Freya see everyone she cares about die in the worst way possible. Parmona wants more too, she wants a world ruled by fear and darkness and as Parmona falls deeper in to her own madness she begins to make it happen. Freya must unbind her powers to stand a chance of defeating Parmona, to get her memory back and to find out in whose safe hands she left the princess who was under her care before she lost her memory.

There is love, action, heroines and heroes in this fantasy tale. It's written with a real Nordic fairytale feel about it and I think this series is crying out to be made into a film. Neel Kay's writing is a real joy and she carries you along with strong hearted characters whom you can really care about.

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