Monday, 25 November 2013

The Dare Club by Margaret K Johnson

I really enjoyed this second offering from Margaret K Johnson. Her first book The Goddess Workshop is fabulous and with this new novel she has again sprinkled the chick lit fairy dust, leaving a really satisfying feel-good factor with every chapter.

Emma, Colette, Nick and Aleysha meet on a course for getting over relationship breakups.  Colette is recovering from cancer and her husbands shocking reaction to her illness. Nick has two young children to care for as well as a full time job since his wife dumped him and their children to 'find herself' in Australia. Aleysha's husband left her after only a few months of marriage leaving her devastated and bewildered and Emma is getting to grips with leaving her own marriage and wondering if she has done the right thing. Their stories are all very different but they quickly form a friendship group and decide they need some challenge in their lives. So the Dare Club is born. Facing challenges which range from gatecrashing parties and running away from policemen to stand up comedy and roller coasters, they start to put their lives back together. All enjoying themselves immensely along the way.

With true to life characters, a fun storyline and the ability to make you feel part of the gang, Margaret K Johnson has written a novel every woman will enjoy.

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Twitter: @Margaretkaj

Watch Margaret's real life stand up comedy spot here. Brave woman!

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