Friday, 8 November 2013

Authors...Blog Post Competition

Hello lovely Authors!

As some of you might know I post guest blogs by invitation only on my blog. These have become very popular with readers and get lots of hits on my blog so I have decided to widen the net for one month only. I am inviting you to send me a light hearted article which will either make me smile or is of general interest to the indie publishing community for a chance to grab one of FOUR places available in January 2014.

Here's the deal if your article is one of the four chosen -

On one Monday in January I will publish on my blog: your article with a photo of you, a short bio, your latest book cover and short blurb and links to your website and author page on Amazon. I will then tweet your article up to twice a day for a whole week. All for my usual fee of absolutely nothing.


  • Your article must be noncontroversial/nonpolitical and suitable for all ages.
  • Your article must be of a sensible length for a blog post.
  • You may include up to four relevant jpg photos.
  • Articles submitted must be your own work and not submitted anywhere else.
  • You must be a genuine indie author who is on Twitter (this is so I can verify your identity)

The closing date for entries is Sunday 15th December 2013.

Please send your entry (along with photos and links as required) to and put Guest Blog Competition in the email title so I don't miss any of you!


Please note: Any articles not chosen will be deleted from my computer after the closing date. Articles chosen will only be posted on this blog and nowhere else by me personally. Author rights are always respected.


  1. Yes, I did wonder if my 9 photos was a bit much.... I can cut them down if you want. Just send me an email. This is a great idea, btw!

    1. They have fitted nicely with the piece, Terry. Too good to cut down :)

  2. What is a sensible length for a blog post?

    1. Anything between Neel Kay's post and Ben Hatch's post on my blog, I'd be happy to see entries of similar lengths. I want to have a sensible flexibility so I haven't given a word count. Thanks for your enquiry :)

  3. I would love to enter. I already started scribbling out a few paragraphs the other day and if it's witty enough I'll submit it. When is the closing date?

  4. You have inspired me too. I am scribbling in my head and scrambling with ideas. w

    1. That's great, Wendy, I look forward to reading it. Thanks for your interest.


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