Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nine Lives by Terry Tyler

I was lucky enough to get an advanced reading copy of Terry's latest offering which is a collection of short stories. I admit to being a bit of a fan of her writing and I was pleased these were up to her usual standard of entertainment.

My favourites are:

'Angel', a tale of lust, jealousy and adultery...always a good combination.

'Mama Kin' is a funny story with a fabulous twist. I could see the horror on Emma's face as the tale unfolded, her mind hardly able to comprehend the implications of what she was hearing.

'Shut Up and Dance' is the girl power one for me; the controlled woman breaking out, flicking her hair, saying 'enough!' and doing it anyway.

'Kiss Your Past Goodbye' is a great bit of 'karma comes back and bites you', a tale with a very satisfying ending.

These nine stories are a great introduction to Terry's writing and will be free for five days after the official launch date around 20th November next week.

Terry's blog

Terry's Amazon Author Page

Terry has also grabbed a guest blog spot for this coming Monday when you can find out about her rock chick days and decide for yourselves whether to be envious or not of her close proximity to the likes of Steve Tyler, the lads from Thunder and a few other rockers of note.


  1. I'm so glad you didn't give too much away, as I am still reading my advance copy! Am loving them so far, and look forward to the interview. Sooz

    1. I love Terry's style. One author who definitely deserves to be noticed. Glad you liked my review, Susan :)


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