Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Guardian and the Rogue Shadow by S L Lewis

I think S L Lewis has nailed this second book in the Guardian series. His first book was naturally compared to Harry Potter but, having read both books in this series, I think there are huge differences in the stories. Written with the YA market in mind, this tale can be read by young hearted adults too and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Daniel and his family have to leave the wizarding world of Eden behind them. They come to live in our realm when it is discovered Daniel has the mark of the Guardian, the saviour of worlds, passed down to him through his ancestors. This book joins 15 year old Daniel as he perfects his skills and finds out whom he can trust and whom he really shouldn't. Whilst his friends urge him to take his GCSE's seriously and study hard, Daniel is more concerned with fighting off imps and catching shadows lurking out of the corner of this eye. Gilbert, Daniel's mentor from Eden, is acting strangely and Daniel starts to distrust him but has Gilbert changed because he is fighting with his own emotions or is he being controlled by forces unknown? The character of Daniel is a typical teenage boy with all the emotions and angst needed to make him believable but he is also born to be the Guardian and shows maturity beyond his years when necessary. His friends and foes alike support the story well and each has their place in this fantasy tale of wizards, witches and demons.

Both the books in this series are fun, well written and with a fast paced plot and plenty of action. I will be looking out for more from this author.

I really love the covers of both books and I intend to purchase both in paperback for my youngest child who loves this genre. Sometimes Kindle just isn't enough!

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