Tuesday, 5 November 2013

'Blue Into The Rip' by Kev Heritage

As a book blogger there are a few occasions when you start to read a book and you get that little spark of 'this is going to be good' early on in the first chapter. This is one of those books and I was awake into the early hours reading it. Always a good sign!

Blue Into The Rip is marketed as YA fiction but as a forty something with a love of all things 'space' related I really enjoyed this book and would rate it very highly in my list to date of this genre and type.

Blue is a fifteen year old boy who really doesn't feel he fits in. Kicking around the park he witnesses an accident and rushes to help. He blacks out and can't remember what happens next but comes to again having apparently rescued the occupants of the car. The next morning his picture is in the local paper and his parents are very upset. He storms out of the house not understanding what he is supposed to have done wrong and when he gets back his little sister is missing. Looking for her in the woods, he blacks out again but this time when he wakes up he knows something isn't right. Coming face to face with a crocodile makes him wonder if he is losing his mind but an air rescue and subsequent forced enlisting in the local military makes him realise it's worse than that.

The author has created a future world which is so different from what we know now but it isn't, for a change, all doom and gloom. He has made use of current science (and possibly sprinkled a little Star Trek in there too) to create a place where humans exist with most of their needs catered for. I loved the phrases he used for the military such as 'well met', 'be cool' etc as they are phrases associated with film/literature of today which added a little humour into the writing for me personally. The only critiscm I have is I didn't feel the explanations of words/terms used were needed in the middle of the text but it's a small point and simply a personal preference.

This book is the first installment in Blue's adventures and I will definitely be coming back for more. Young Adult time travel at its best.

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