Monday, 19 August 2013

The Tree in the Front Yard by Kimberly J Biller

This novella is written with a real Southern twang to it. Once I got my mind around the spelling etc it was a treat to get that involved with a character. Something quite unique, as writing like that is not an easy thing to get right. Kimberly Biller manages it.

Sissy tells you the story from her perspective as she sits in her tree spying on the neighbours. The world is seen through the eyes of a child whose home situation is hard but there is no self pity, just acceptance to a degree and wishful thinking. Her father drinks and sleeps around. Her mother, hardened by the life she leads but still in love with her man, reminded me of the song 'Stand by Your Man' to an extent. Slightly whimsical on my part, perhaps!

I won't give an idea of the story here as I don't like spoilers and this is a book which is a snapshot of a young girls life there and then rather than an epic tale. But it works and it works very well.

If you have a couple of hours to spare then this is your book.

Kimberly's books can be found here

Twitter: @kimberb1


  1. Looking forward to reading Kimberly's book.

    1. Once I got used to the words, it was like she was sitting in front of me, just talkin' :)


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