Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Leap the Wild Water by Jenny Lloyd

This is a fabulous story about what life for women was really like in the early 19th Century, made even more poignant by the author's research into her own grandmother's life. It's a story which was so very true for women of the age and even now there are still hints of it running through a society we like to believe is civil and just on a good day. To read this story is to be reminded of what it 'was' like but the second thought is one of uncomfortable realisation that for some women in other parts of the world it is still no better.

Alongside the message is a story which carries you along and is beautifully descriptive. Megan is tied to the family stove whilst her brother Morgan runs the farm and her Mam holds the purse. She yearns for freedom and, when the opportunity comes to sell produce at market, she grasps it quickly and discovers what life could be like.

This tale is well written and flows with historical fact, honesty and family friction. This is a must read for the modern woman, if only to remind ourselves of how far there is to go even now.

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