Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Squirrel Who Dreamt of Madness by Craig Stone

A while ago I read a rather strange sounding book I decided to purchase by a writer who had followed me on Twitter. This was before I had begun book reviewing on my blog and just wrote posts as it was more socially accepted than talking out loud to myself on the bus ;)

With that in mind, let me reintroduce you to my take on Craig Stone's slightly barking book!

"I came away from chapter five questioning my own sanity and rushed downstairs to resume the routine of normality and throw open the windows on this sunny day in the hope I might start to feel right again. A cup of tea and two slices of toast later and the feelings of living in the mind of the slightly unusual are starting to fade but not half as quickly as I would like. This search for myself is all very well but I keep reading about people who left it all to live in a park and escape from their reality and routine of life. What an escape. Unsurprisingly, they all seem to be men. I can't imagine a woman purposely leaving the safety and sanctity of her home to go and live with her bags and a sleeping bag between herself and other human beings. The thought of doing it myself terrifies me and I have been known to do some stupid things in my time. However, I do like a bit of control and, for me, living in a park and exposing my mind to itself, isn't something I can really recommend to myself as a 'good idea'. The thing which gives me pause, (and I also pause to admit to it), is that, like him, I could write like that. Unlike him, I would probably not let anyone else read it. What a brave man!

Having come to the end of the book, which incidentally kept me reading all day, I can say I enjoyed it. There are moments in there where the writer has written down thoughts many of us have had but probably wouldn't admit to for fear of sounding a bit barking. However, I think therein lies the joy and meat of this book. I may have to visit a park, find a tree I feel comfortable naming Enid Blyton and see what comes from the pen."

If words alone can touch the sanity of this particular woman then they have to be pretty powerful, just don't read it when you have PMT...

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