Friday, 26 April 2013

The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K Johnson

I think Margaret's book, 'The Goddess Workshop', tackles a problem which some women tend to avoid talking about and she does it in a fun way, bringing together four women who probably wouldn't have met otherwise, in a story where they each re-evaluate who they are and how much they value themselves.

I liked it for it's honesty, its female solidarity and its friendship. 

Janet, Reenie, Kate and Estelle are all very different women, at different stages in their lives who are missing one vital component...sexual satisfaction. Three of them decide to attend a class on the subject at a local church hall, not quite knowing what to expect. The fourth, Janet, goes with her very proper neighbour Gwen, and they think they are there to attend a gardening class but it's not the flowers which are blooming! Gwen, horrified, walks out immediately in disgust and tries to drag Janet with her but Janet makes a stand and stays. As the four of them sit waiting for their tutor they contemplate a rather large...picture on display and start to wonder why on Earth they thought it was a good idea to attend.

I felt for Janet the most. Hers is an old story of a long marriage to a controlling husband and her need to find some self esteem again.

Margaret tackles this subject well. The story flows along and I felt empathy for the characters. I think this is a story with a bit of a message to all women - girls, don't settle for almost :)


  1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comments - you really got my story. :)

  2. You are welcome and thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy reading it :)


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