Thursday, 18 April 2013

Full Circle by Terry Tyler

Well, it was no good at all. As much as Melodie irritated me in 'Dream On' I just had to see what happened to her and the rest of them.

I had been waiting for 'Full Circle', the sequel to Terry's 'Dream On', and I grabbed a copy pronto on the day it hit Amazon. I wasn't disappointed and devoured it in one sitting.

Although Ariel and Dave are more central to the story, it was Janice who pulled at my heart strings. Her struggle to keep her relationship with Max going, after Dave let her down so badly in 'Dream On', was really heart wrenching and I willed her on all the way. Ariel and Dave really are meant to be together but he can't bear to leave another child without a father and Ariel really wants to make it big in music. She was all set for stardom in America and left Dave in 'Dream On' when a chance meeting opened the door for her. Now she's back but he has moved on. Shane is up to his old tricks again and Melodie has married above her station and is bored with her life of riches and comfort and yearns for someone more...earthy. I actually warmed to Melodie in the end. I think it is just her nature and the girl can't help it!

Terry isn't afraid to include difficult issues in her stories and handles the emotional side well. She exhibits her usual gift for observing people and it's a real feel-good story, with characters who resemble people we have all known; the wannabe, the trier, the Romeo and the one who drinks too much.

There is a bit of a surprise near the end which I wasn't expecting and more than one happy ending for this cool group of people.

Terry's writing is as superb as ever and she has nailed the conclusion of the tale of Dave, Ariel, Janice et all very well.

P.S. I secretly think Terry watches Jeremy Kyle and may even have a bit of a crush because he often gets a mention but I haven't had this confirmed...yet ;)

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  1. Thanks so much for this extended review!!!! Love it - and yes, of course I watch Jezza Kyle, it's hilarious!!!! :) (Ahem, no, sorry, I mean for research porpoises only!) xx


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