Monday, 1 April 2013

Swan Loch by Randy Mixter

This is a tale of mystery, murder and of hope. An alternative where things are the same but not quite. Where people exist or existed. I rather liked it.

Chris Hayward is a sheriff in the small town his father was before him. Practical yet emotive, he likes logic, he likes facts. When he receives a list of people who disappeared within a few days of each other, in towns which seem to be getting closer and closer by the mile and by the year, he is forced to admit there may be more to it and is horrified to see his town is next. With the date getting nearer, the FBI pour into the area but it doesn't stop citizens acting out of character. Those who know wait but the wind carries on blowing...

Bit of a drumroll moment but no spoilers ;)

Randy Mixter writes well with just the right amount of suspense and emotion. The ending gives hope and comfort to those who will need it most.

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