Monday, 8 April 2013

Champagne Toast by Melissa Brown

I have to admit this book took me by surprise. I was expecting a gentle romance but instead I found myself very involved with the characters and practically chewing at the bit to shake both of them, like an aging agony aunt of some 1970's weekly magazine.


This book takes two people who are very meant for each other and looks, in turn, at their points of view on why it went wrong. It's an old story of past baggage getting in the way, of hurt resurfacing and the way humans can't always shake it off when they enter a new relationship. It's a story of miscommunication. It's also a story of hope. I half wondered whether the author was writing from personal experience as it was all there, the anguish and the passion. Can they go back? Should they move on?

As Evan and Kate discovered, it can be a long road. Faith and trust is the key. Can they live without each other and instead just hide behind the walls they have built up?

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