Friday, 19 April 2013

13 British Horror Stories by Rayne Hall

A special mention has to go to Rayne Hall for this collection of spooky stories.

Horror is not a genre I would normally choose to read but I spotted these on Twitter and decided to give them a go as I do like a good short story.

My favourite was "Take Me to St Roch's", a really eerie tale which should make even the bravest person think twice before picking up a hitchhiker...

"Never Leave Me" was also very good. I could still picture her an hour later!

Rayne has a gift for description and for finding those fears you may not know you have.

For a woman who is practically a horror virgin (!) they were a perfect introduction to the genre without the blood and gore of some stories.

And, of course, the tales are British...which probably means one or two of them are true...think on that before you pack your raincoat for tea with the Queen ;)


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