Sunday, 8 December 2013

'A Sissy Kind of Christmas: Part Two' by Kimberly Biller

Meet 11 year old Sissy Ann Smith. Born And raised in the southern United States, she is the main character in the southern humor novellas The Tree In The Front Yard and its prequel One Street Over . She is a very southern sassy gal living in a dysfunctional family in the early 80's. Her hard life is not reflected in her personality or her desire for a fun loving existence. These little stories will give you an insight into how adventurous she can be. Sissy is going to take you along on her winter holiday fun and show you what she does to forget her crazy folks for a little while. This is a four part series, so be watching every Sunday leading up to Christmas for a different episode. 

I can't believe I woke up on my first day of winter break with snow coverin' the ground; and more was a comin' down like it ain't never gonna let up. I knew exactly what I was a doin' later; goin' sleddin'! I can't wait. I tiptoe through the house, 'cause mama is still sleepin' and I scrounge through the cabinets lookin' for some breakfast. I figure I'll need the energy if I'm gonna make it up that big 'ol hill. The cabinets are kinda bare 'cept for some cornflakes (not my favorite) but I will have to settle for that or nothin'. I scarf down my food and take off to layer up with clothes. I steal two pair of daddy's old socks for my makeshift gloves and put two pair on my feet. I know it's cold out there and I will be frozen like a pop-sickle soon enough; don't wanna be that way any sooner that I have to. The longer I can play in the snow the better! I slip quietly out the door and sneak 'round back to the wood shed; there is an 'ol garbage can lid I have saved for just this occasion. I drag myself and that big 'ol plastic lid up the steepest hill we got; huffin' and puffin' all the way. My belly is still full from breakfast and it's sloshin' 'round; might shoulda waited a bit, but oh well. I ain't one for bein' patient, mama always said so. I get to the top and catch my breath. I know the ride down will be way faster than the walk up, but that's ok, it will be worth it. With no fear I lay flat on my belly and take one last deep breath and push off. Next thing I know I'm flyin' down that hill at a hundred miles an hour, or it feels like it anyway. The cold air is slappin' me in the face, but I don't mind at all, 'cause I'm havin' the best time ever...

Kimberly Biller is a lot like Sissy, southern and sassy. She was born and raised in East Tennessee in 1970 into her own dysfunctional family. Sissy's stories are her way of bringing her past to life but in a more enjoyable way. You can find her books on amazon


  1. This is a lovely piece. Sissy's voice is so strong and authentic. I'm looking forward to the next instalment!

  2. Oh, I just love Sissy! I'd like another novella really - say when she's about 14 and gets into the boys???!!!! Go on, Kim...! xx


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