Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Sissy Kind Of Christmas: Part 3 by author Kimberly Biller

Meet 11 year old Sissy Ann Smith. Born and raised in the southern United States, she is the main character in the southern humor novellas The Tree In The Front Yard and it's prequel One Street Over. She is a very southern sassy gal living in a dysfunctional family in the early 80's. Her hard life is not reflected in her personality or her desire for a fun loving existence. These little stories will give you an insight into how adventurous she can be. Sissy is going to take you along on her winter holiday fun and show you what she does to forget her crazy folks for a little while. This is a four part series, so be watching every Sunday leading up to Christmas for a different episode. 

I can be sneaky when I need to, but spyin' 'round in the folks' bedroom is a little tough; mama is usually home all day. But, I have to know if I'm gettin' that Wonder Woman doll for Christmas! She's my hero. I also want a pogo stick. I'm not sure which one I want the most, though. If I was lucky I'd get both, but mama and daddy don't have that kind of money to spend; that's what they tell me anyways. As soon as mama gets busy in the kitchen I'm gonna snoop around in their bedroom. 
"Hey mama. Need some help?" 
"Sissy, you know I don't need you underfoot in my kitchen. Now go on and play and be quiet." 
"Yes ma'am." 
Yes! No chores means I can sneak in their closet and peak around. I slowly back out of the kitchen and make my way down the short hall. I know they ain't dumb enough to hide it under their bed, but I can look anyway. I drop to my knees and crawl across the floor; quietly making my way to the other side of the bed. I lift up the blankets and NOTHIN'! Aaagh! I jump up and quickly scurry to the closet; surely it's in there. Man, my mama keeps a clean kitchen, but her closet looks like the garbage dump. How am I 'spose to find anything in this mess? I figure I'll start searchin' the bottom, at least I can work my way up. I just hope there is nothin' gross in there. I've heard stories 'bout parents havin' weird stuff hidden. Not sure what kind of weird stuff, but I don't want to see it. I filter through stacks of sheets and blankets, not findin' a thing that resembles a Christmas gift. If it's not in here then where? I get so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't hear mama come in the bedroom, but I heard her when she laid into me for snoopin' around. 
"Sissy Ann Smith! What, pray tell, are you doin'?"  
"Um...I I, nothin.'"
"Now child, don't tell me nothin'. You snoopin' for something in particular? Cause you know I don't like that." 
How was I 'spose to get outta this? That's when the idea hit me! 
"Mama! I thought I saw a mouse!" 
"Eek! No way!" 
Mama took off like a mad woman. I know where she was goin' too! She was goin' after the broom. Oh boy. Mama would be on a mission now. She would be searchin' for that 'mouse' that doesn't even exist. I'm a bad bad girl. 
"It's okay mama, let me have the broom and I will get him if he's in there. It might not be nothin', my eyes coulda been playin' tricks on me." 
Yep, God's gonna get me for this! I better say an extra prayer tonight. 

Kimberly Biller is a lot like Sissy, southern and sassy. She was born and raised in East Tennessee in 1970 into her own dysfunctional family. Sissy's stories is her way of bringing her past to life but in a more enjoyable way. You can find her books on Amazon.


  1. We do! Here's hoping for another novella! (We will bend you to our will eventually, Kim...) :D


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