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A Sissy Kind Of Christmas: Part 4 by author Kimberly Biller

Meet 11 year old Sissy Ann Smith. Born And raised in the southern United States, she is the main character in the southern humor novellas The Tree In The Front Yard and it's prequel One Street Over. She is a very southern sassy gal living in a dysfunctional family in the early 80's. Her hard life is not reflected in her personality or her desire for a fun loving existence. These little stories will give you an insight into how adventurous she can be. Sissy is going to take you along on her winter holiday fun and show you what she does to forget her crazy folks for a little while. This is the final part of her weekly mini series, the three previous parts can be found on December Sundays in the blog archive list.

I can't believe I almost got myself busted with mama. Heck, I can't believe I came up with that crazy mouse excuse. God is still gonna punish me; I am sure of it. I better do a good deed to make up for it. Now...what could I possibly do? Aha, I got it! Mama always makes Christmas cookies so maybe I can get her to make a few extra and I can deliver 'em to the ol' lady on the corner. She is always alone at Christmas. She scares me, but I bet God will forget that whole mouse incident if I do that good deed.
"Mama, will you make a few extra cookies this year so I can give 'em to the little ol' lady on the corner? She's always all alone at Christmas. I bet that's why she is so grumpy and mean. I bet if we are nice to her she will be happy for once."
"You know Sissy, you might be right. I will bake an extra dozen just for her, but you have to deliver them for me. And, you have to make her a nice Christmas card with your construction paper and crayons. Deal?" 
"Yes ma'am! It's a deal, mama." I ran off to my room and started on her card. If this doesn't get me outta trouble with the big guy in the sky, nothin' will. How should I do it? Hmm, I know. Dear neighbor lady,happy Christmas to you from the Smith family. That's good! I used my best green and red crayons to write it out and drew a Christmas tree on the front with little dots as the ornaments. I fell asleep easily at bed time, even though it was Christmas Eve. I was excited and I had a warm fuzzy feelin' I hadn't experienced before. Is that what Christmas is all about? Givin' and not just gettin'? I bet it is. Somehow the present under the tree for me doesn't seem so important anymore. Mornin' came before I had barely fell asleep it seemed. I hurried up gettin' dressed and brushed my teeth and hair. I had a Christmas mornin' delivery to make. Mama wrapped up the cookies real pretty like and even put a bow on top. I took myself and the card and cookies and headed to the neighbors. I was a little nervous but not bad. I was, after all, deliverin' somethin' good. I knocked on the door expectin' the scowled faced ol' lady to growl at me, but she actually had a half smile on her face. 
"What you doing out on Christmas mornin', child?" 
"I brought ya a Christmas present and a card" Her half smile turned into a big ol' grin and she reached out for my offerin' and then thanked me at least three times. Wow, she actually smiled! I felt so good walkin' back home and I looked up to the sky, wonderin' if God was a watchin' me. I know he was, but I think I just needed that bit of reassurance. I walked through my front door with a renewed excitement 'cause I suddenly 'membered my present was waitin' on me. There under that big 'ol tree was a new bike. Not used and handed down from some other kid, but a brand spankin' new one! It even had a horn and a basket. I was gonna be the hottest kid in the projects, 'cause I know ain't no other kid got a bike this nice! I hugged mama and daddy and thanked them just as that ol' lady had not five minutes before. 


Kimberly Biller is a lot like Sissy, southern and sassy. She was born and raised in East Tennessee in 1970 into her own dysfunctional family. Sissy's stories is her way of bringing her past to life but in a more enjoyable way. You can find her books on her Amazon page. 

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