Thursday, 12 September 2013

What it Takes by Terry Tyler

This review of Terry Tyler's new offering comes straight off my personal reading list, a place Terry's books always end up as soon as she publishes a new novel!

I indulged myself with a few hours curled up reading this and wasn't disappointed. The writing is totally Ms Tyler at her best and the story has the usual twists and turns.

One thing which has cropped up again is my frustration with the personality of one of the characters, in this case the main female Karen. She dithers about with Danny, generally not knowing what she wants, who or when, but this is the beauty of Terry's writing, she gives you character's who have a depth of personality which makes you feel very involved emotionally.

The hero of the novel for me was Sam. We all need a Sam. Karen's sisters, equally strong in their involvement in the story, were truthful in their analyse of Karen and added an edge to the story which the conclusion went on to reveal as being so important to the whole novel. No spoilers here.

Well written with an entertaining and involved storyline, whose side will you be on?

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