Monday, 9 September 2013

Dating Tips for Men - My Way

In response to a recent post on dating tips for men I read on Twitter this morning here (which was frankly a list of what not to do) here's my own 'just for fun' guide:

1. Don't ask her if she 'comes here often' whilst wiggling your eyebrows suggestively, nowadays she is likely to look down at your trouser region and say 'unlikely'. Instead, compliment her on her outfit but not in a way which presumes she is taking it off in about a half hour. Most cheesy chat up lines make women wince.

2. Don't flash the Rolex and talk about your six figure income before you have told her your name. Confidence is wonderful, arrogance is usually a turn off. Be attentive, pleasant and interested in what she has to say. Keep the conversation light.

3. Don't assume anything. Wait until you are asked.

4. Women aren't interested in the size, only the technique. Don't assume it's a done deal. Men who boast about either are usually a disappointment and women know this.

5. Innuendo has its place but anymore than once in a conversation and you are likely to be sent packing and thought of as a slimy...twit.

6. Housework is NOT sexy (washing machines on high spin aside) so sharing your fantasies about feather dusters, aprons, and the high suction of the vacuum cleaner is not going to get you her phone number.

7. If the evening has been good then offer to pay for a taxi home for her so she gets home safely. You will know by her response if you stand a chance of accompanying her that evening. Don't take a refusal as complete disinterest in you, if you have her phone number by this point then you are still in with a good chance.

8. Once you have her phone number then text her the following day with a compliment about the evening (with a strong hint you would like it to happen again soon) and a possible evening for a date. Women like to feel noticed and appreciated. Don't play the three day waiting game with the mistaken idea she will be moping by the phone 'gagging for it'. She won't be. Leave it too long and she will have moved on thinking you aren't interested.

9. If you are lucky enough to get a date then take her somewhere you can talk and get to know each other. A noisy club or the cinema is not ideal.

10. Lastly but most importantly - respect her. Be a gentleman and hold the door open. Pull her chair out before she sits down. Be attentive, polite, courteous. Yes, women are more independent these days but good manners are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. A great post and I couldn't agree more with the last one. Bad manners are the biggest turn off. I reckon a bit of charm and courtesy would work on most women - they definitely work on me :)

    1. They certainly are! Love a bit of charm just not sleaze...well, not on the first handshake ;D

  2. Oh and I forgot to say - kindness is massively underrated. I think kindness is the most attractive quality a person can have.

    1. Did you check out the original article which prompted my post? Unbelievable. More likely to get them a slap than a date and/or sex haha


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