Monday, 23 September 2013

Guest Blog: Ode to Autumn by author E L Lindley

Well here we are, autumn is well and truly upon us. The kids are back at school, the nights are drawing in and those halcyon days of summer seem oh so far away. It’s understandable, maybe even a little bit expected that we all feel a tad glum, as we pack away those summer dresses for another year. But I’m here to tell you, get a grip! That’s right, summer is so overrated anyway and, when you get right down to it, autumn is where it’s at. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let’s see those chins lifted as I remind you why we should in fact be celebrating all things autumnal.

First up, it’s the season of new starts. Psychologically, September is right up there with the January for embarking upon new roads to self-fulfilment and happiness. As a person who has spent most of her life dictated to by the school terms, I love September. I always have. Even when other children were traumatised by the sight of those school uniforms taunting them from BHS’s window, I would have a spring in my step. September for me, you see, represents everything new. New uniform, new sensible shoes from Clarkes, new hair cut. It was all part of the joy of September but, more intense than any of those thrills, was my love affair with back to school stationary.

Every September, both as a child and adult, I would buy a new school back and equip myself with every piece of stationary known to mankind. From pens in every colour to those little reinforcements for the holes in your paper, I had the lot. I could never understand those depressed looking kids, who would turn up on the first day without even a pen – where’s the fun in that? I realise of course, looking back, that I must have been the biggest geek in school but not even that can dim my love of September. Show me a selection of gel pens and I’m in my very own nirvana.

Of course as we get older the little pleasures that, in childhood are in such abundance, become harder to find. Sadly, courses and community activities that we might have previously thrown ourselves into, in order to survive the winter months, are becoming more and more thin on the ground due to cutbacks. Remember the days when you could enrol in night classes for astrology, flower arranging or wine tasting – long gone I know. But that’s not to say we can’t still see September as the launch pad to self-improvement. What’s to stop us setting up our own groups? If you’re not a member of a book group maybe now’s the time to start one. One of my friends has just rallied

myself and few others to form a group whereby we meet once a month to try something new and hopefully fun. Our itinerary so far includes cocktail making, salsa dancing and jewellery making, the expertise for which is coming from people within the group, so it will cost us practically nothing.

Still not convinced? Well new starts aside, there are so many other things to love about autumn. Fashion for one. Who doesn’t love that moment when you don your woolly tights and boots for their first outing of the year? Sandals and dresses are all well and good but they are so high maintenance. Autumn means you don’t have to worry about whether your toe nails are painted or your fake tan is looking less sun kissed and more like you’ve spilled a cup of tea down your legs. Cardigans, the love of my life, become a staple and you no longer have to breathe in or concern yourself with the effects of that extra piece of cake. Nobody’s going to see your wobbly bits for at least another eight months when we’ll all be shoehorning ourselves into those summer dresses once more.

Hand in hand with the comfy clothes and the comfy food that sort of tags along with them, is the fact that autumn gives us permission to take our foot off the gas. There’s something about summer, with those long sunny days, that makes me feel guilty if I’m not utilising every second. People invite you to barbeques and garden parties and it feels sort of wrong to confess that you’d rather stay in and watch Mad Men. But autumn means you can be as anti-social as fancy dictates and what feels better than tucking in with a box set, a family size pack of Maltesers and your favourite fleecy pyjamas?

So, come on my friends, let’s not bemoan the passing of all things summer but instead herald the arrival of autumn. Bring on the simple joys that come with snuggling in and hibernating. I’m sure by next year I’ll be ready to swap my Baileys for Pimms and my chunky knits for skimpy tops but, for now, bring on the winceyette.

E L Lindley is the author of The Georgie Connelly Series of books 'Business As Usual', 'The Ties That Bind', 'The Righteous Path' and 'False Allegiance'.  She has also written three novels 'Dare to Lose', 'Don't Look Back' and 'Family Ties'. 

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  1. You've summed up beautifully all the things I love about autumn, too. I've spent the morning carting wood into my store for winter. I'll pay for it with aches and pains later but it's one of the things I love doing in autumn; preparing for cosy nights in, curled up with a book by the fire.

  2. Thanks Jenny, you've made me feel all cosy now. I haven't got a log fire but I wish I had. I'm going to put my jamas on, grab a book and pretend that I'm staring into an open fire rather than at a radiator :)

  3. I love autumn too, definitely my favourite time of the year, for all the reasons stated :)

  4. You know I feel roughly the same as you do about it, for roughtly the same reasons - autumn clothes are more flattering to the ageing figure, they're lower maintenance, I love me boots and jackets, and also those dark dismal days are the best times for writing/snuggling inside!!!! I always think, ahhhh, got there, as soon as the calendar says September....!!! Bring on getting dark at 4 pm!!! Waking up in the dark!!! I love it - and soon it will be cold enough to wear my glamorous suede fur jacket thingy!!!!!

  5. It's official then, ladies, autumn is where it's at :)


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