Friday, 5 July 2013

Red Written by P T Mayes

This novel from Philip Mayes had me in two minds so I wrote to him and got a very nice email back answering my queries. I haven't done that too often but this novel felt worthy of the extra time. Having reread the novel, I can see what the author was trying to do and it added to the whole concept for me.

The story of humankind being 'unmasked' by forces unknown and having their sins written on their faces for all to see is a brilliant concept and the story itself is descriptive and interesting. As usual, we humans fail to pull together and there is civil unrest, to put it mildly. People attack each other, murder and make judgement on those whose sins are the worst but there are those 'in power' who escape simply because they can, their former jobs and status giving them a certain leverage. Most hide behind masks, refusing to reveal themselves to others and families are broken apart by revelations of adultery and worse. Paranoia, mistrust and self preservation are rife and Michael, the main character, is caught up in some of the worst of it. 

The twist at the end is very good and this is a novel which will make you sit and think.

What sins would your face reveal?


  1. If my sins were written in my face, I don't think I'd ever look in the mirror!
    Sounds like an interesting read...


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