Sunday, 28 July 2013

Authors: Would you like your book to be reviewed?

I am now accepting submissions again for book reviews on my blog. If you would like to submit for review then please contact me through DM on Twitter (@bodiciasapple).

I can't promise to review every book I receive but, if I do review it on my blog, I will post reviews on Amazon UK and US. I will retweet your links to your book on occasion and also to my own review. 

If I don't review your book it may simply mean it didn't work for me personally. I love a book which reaches the emotions and stimulates imagination and these are the types of books I am interested in. I will let you know if I intend to review or not and will give feedback on my reasons if asked to do so.

I don't have a favourite genre and will read most things but I won't review erotica novels or anything too explicit on my blog as I want it to be family friendly. 

I have a particular interest in Indie authors and giving attention to those books which deserve to be seen by more people. 

I have always had a love of books and appreciate how hard it is to get your book seen and 'out there'. I decided I would use my blog to review books in my free time and I have discovered some fabulous authors whose work really does deserve more recognition in my opinion. I only review books which I would give a four or five star review to as I don't feel it is necessary to slate a book so if it is on my blog then I genuinely found it a pleasure to read.

My preference is to communicate directly with the author of the book in question and I therefore don't accept submissions from representatives for review submissions of single or multiple authors.

I reserve the right to not accept a book for review regardless of whether or not I have previously reviewed a similar book.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

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