Monday, 29 July 2013

Blue Heaven by Cynthia Harrison

Blue Heaven is one of those books which is best read when you have time to sit down for a few hours. I got carried away with the story and have just spent the best part of a day reading it.

Eva Delacroix is determined to carry out her grandfather's dream and renovate Blue Heaven, the holiday home of her childhood, to his original specifications. When she arrives in town to start renovations she goes to the local bank to get finance and meets Daniel Bryman, whose grandfather co-designed Blue Heaven. He seems to have big ideas on exactly how those renovations should be done. He calls it a restoration but Eva isn't so sure. Eva needs to get the cottages in the grounds ready to let out as holiday homes if she is to meet the loan repayments and she isn't entirely certain if Daniel's motives are pure.

This is the second book of Cynthia Harrison's I have reviewed and again it was a pleasure to lose myself in one of her stories. Well written with believably flawed characters, this is a book for women who like romance with a hint of a mystery.

This is the first book in a series but stands alone quite comfortably.

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