Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Purpose of a Man by Daniel Brevitt

I have just finished reading The Purpose of a Man and I am still wiping away a few tears. This is a sad and poignant story but it is also one of hope.

The story centres around Michael and his relationship with his brother, Robert. Robert is an alcoholic. He is also married with a small child, likes to be the centre of attention, cheats on his wife repeatedly and has ruthlessly tried to injure his brother in as many ways as he can think of, and get away with, since childhood. Their father is someone they both look up to but Robert takes it a stage further. He so desperately wants his fathers approval it is almost an obsession and a goal which ultimately makes him self destruct as an adult. He has seen Michael as the fly in the ointment of this goal and has spent a lifetime belittling him, enjoying when things go wrong for him and sharing this with their parents. At the same time, whilst trying to portray the image of success and masculinity, he ultimately leads himself to a place where he loses his wife and child, his self respect and potentially his life.

Michael, who tells the story, is initially happy with his lot. He is used to being told he is somewhat a failure and disappointment in his brother Robert's eyes but doesn't let it worry him too much until his girlfriend, Jessica, seems to confirm it. This is almost too much to bear and Michael is forced to confront his own ideals, that of his brother and of his parents to see who is right and who is wrong.

Daniel Brevitt has written a story which touches your heart and makes you care what happens to the characters. He has got it bang on about life with an alcoholic and has explored it, and the the topic of sibling rivalry, with heart, honesty and skill.

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  1. Fabulous book, isn't it? I reviewed in on Amazon :)

  2. Very good! Really enjoyed it although it did get me rather emotional. The character Robert is very well thought out. Yes, I saw your review as I was putting mine up :)


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