Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Three Things by Randall Grange

This book is a strange one, but I rather like that about it.

It says at the end that it is a work of fiction but I am not so sure because this teenage girl speaks directly to you. She rambles, she changes direction, she jumps back and forward with the story and puts random blocks of memory on the page to share with you. She shares memories of rehab and how she got there and explores memories of (quite horrific in places) events with a shrug of the shoulders and a touch of humour.

As a work of fiction, Randall Grange has got inside the head of her character with skill and honesty and has 'lived' her character's life whilst writing this book. It's raw emotion and I cried, smiled and wished I could give her character a hug. 

Randall's description of growing up in a somewhat dysfunctional family and the impact it had on her was a tough read emotionally in places but the realness made it feel as if it were just you and her, sitting in a room, while she told you with brutal honesty just how bad things can get before a corner needs to be turned.

It's different and won't be to everyone's taste but I was impressed by this. Very moving and I liked the style it was written in because I thought it worked very well.


  1. I agree, I too thought it may have been 'faction' .. a mix of both fact and fiction: as you say it wont be to everyone's taste - maybe too close to the bone for them

    1. Hello and thanks for taking the time to read and comment :) It's a difficult read at times but I think Randall deals with it well. Very much felt for her.


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