Tuesday 23 April 2013

The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory

I have to say I am very taken with this book, the first in a series. The author has built up a whole world and created an enchanting story which is really going to appeal to young teenagers to fill the void which a certain well known young wizard has left. I didn't think anything would really match Harry Potter but this book could be a contender.

Orion's father dies unexpectedly under very strange circumstances. After Orion follows a boy he sees in the forest near his home, he finds himself suddenly immersed in the world of Furtayman, the home of Fangtooths, Razorbacks, Paranormals, Spellcasters, Sandshifters, Waterbogs and more. Together with his new friends, Grayson, Cremmel and Zora, he discovers who he really is, whom he can trust and who is not what they seem.

Jeremy Shory is a great storyteller. His writing draws you in as you meet believable characters and visit a fantasy world you can clearly imagine, thanks to his vivid descriptions. The world of Furtayman is magical and there is a cracking story being told by this talented writer to appeal to all lovers of fantasy fiction...not just the children.

This is a well written YA fantasy tale which will stand on its own for fans of this genre.

Jeremy has a website which is dedicated to the series and can be found here http://theorionchronicles.com


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