Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Paris Notebook by Cynthia Harrison

Although this isn't an indie book I am keen to share it as one of those feel-good books us girls need sometimes.

Deena is a character with a personality which made me root for her from the start. In her twenties she had a relationship with Ian, the self-centred and unfaithful singer in the band Yellow Star and she wrote the lyrics for the band's first album. After their relationship ended she gave him a copy of her notebook containing new song lyrics for him to look at but he doesn't get back in touch. Years later, she hears her own words barely masked in his new song and realises what her unscrupulous ex has done. She wants the notebook back and she wants the credit due to her but it means getting close to him again. Jack, a friend and colleague, asks her to dinner but she doesn't know if she wants her heart broken again. When Jack says he is leaving soon, she finally agrees to go, feeling safe as he will soon be gone. Ian is certain he can win Deena round and get her to agree to give him the lyrics because he is used to getting what he wants but Deena is equally determined he won't. Ian's shenanigans had me grinding my teeth and I was very keen to see if he had his comeuppance.

The background characters all add to the plot and each has their own story, interwoven very nicely with Deena's. There is a feel of real friendship in this novel.

The Paris Notebook left a smile on my face and it's perfect for those days when you just want to enjoy the sunshine outside with a good book and the tipple of your choice. I'm not an avid reader of romance novels but this one is well written with an easy style and a satisfying ending.  I liked it.

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