Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Blake Soul by I. C. Camilleri

Now this book is a strange one. The author has written a story about a man who can see into the future, he sees various pathways his family life could take and tries to prepare for the ones which look the most fatal. Some he can change, some get worse when he tries, some don't happen at all.

Josh Blake has the mother from hell and never knew his father. He was brought up by a woman who begged his mother not to have an abortion, his mother only visiting once a year to tell him how unwanted he is and how much she dislikes him for existing. Josh has a photographic memory, is very intelligent and can see his future mapped out...well, almost. Hurt by his past, he shields himself and his heart from women and simply uses them as they glide in and out of his glamorous world of film premieres. Then he sees a woman he thinks he knows and slowly the visions he has had all his life start to make sense.

This is one of those novels which leave you with a sense of wondering what just happened but in a good way. The author pulls you along, giving you tidbits of anticipation mixed in with a bizarre feeling of wondering if you really want to do this or not.

The story has romance in it which is slightly off kilter, they are in love but they hurt each other by saying the most bizarre things and you are allowed to watch as if you were looking through the CCTV camera which is hidden on the wall in their apartment in the story. It's like they both periodically lose their minds. They dip in and out of reality, with their insecurities playing a deep role in their outlook of love and their future.

This book is all about the extremes and flaws in human nature, the moments of madness, the five second thoughts of revenge most sane people dismiss as unacceptable. It is the first in a series of three.

I rather liked it.

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