Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Flawed Gods by Angela B Mortimer

Flawed Gods is written by an author who has immersed herself in this fictional tale and it flows at a good pace. As I read, it struck me this story would, with a little tweaking, make a rather good animated film for adults.

The Varan's are an elder race of aliens who seed planets and watch as evolution plays it's part on the species they have created. This isn't the core of the story, however, as that honour belongs to Doella, the main female character. She bewitches at a glance any human or alien male who is in sight of her and, being of the race she is, this means she usually ends up in bed with them. I have to admit I personally found this a little wearing and predictable after a while and, although it is part of her character and personality, I was happy to note there were some she kept at bay! However, this did not detract from the story and, for certain readers, it may even enhance it...

This is a story of a woman who holds very different views to others of her race. A woman who refuses to be controlled by rules and other's opinions. Flawed Gods seems to be almost a back story to who Doella is and the importance of certain people she meets and takes forward with her on her journey to discover the role she must fulfill and those who demand it of her.

This is the first book in a four part series and the second part, Hyclos, has recently been released. I think it holds great promise and I am looking forward to reading the second novel and watching the story move onward.

Flawed Gods


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