Tuesday, 29 October 2013

'Same Face, Different Place: Visions' by Helen J Christmas

Visions is a book you can really get your teeth into. It is the second part of a series which follows Eleanor and the people around her over several decades. I enjoyed 'Beginnings', the first book in the series which was set in the criminal world of 1970's London immensely and was eager to see what Ms Christmas had done with my favourite decade, the 80's.

We join Eleanor as she and her son are enjoying settling into village life after the horrors which saw them fleeing from London. With her pleasant nature she is easily accepted into the community and sets about making a life for them both. Eleanor's new friends have their own problems too and it soon becomes apparent they are linked to people from her past. Her secret past is still a shadow she can't shake off and she fears for her son's safety when old enemies start to resurface.

Written with an surprising air of menace, the author has managed to convey the characters darkest sides, deepest fears and greatest hopes. Whilst keeping Eleanor strong enough to show true courage and make her a likeable character, the author has managed to show the dark side of what some people are willing to do to keep the power they crave. There is a scene which I felt was unnecessary in its method of violence and I would have liked to have seen the perpetrator brought to justice over it instead of the victim being scared to report it but this fits in with the feelings of the decade in which the novel was set unfortunately. The story was so strong overall I am going to recommend this book regardless. The author has done her research well and has skillfully reflected the attitudes, prejudices and ignorances of the 1980's.

A worthy continuation and I am looking forward to more with the next installment.

Helen J Christmas has a passion for gripping stories with strong characters and a love of writing since childhood. Her debut novel 'Same Face, Different Place: Beginnings' sees sixteen year old Eleanor thrown into the dark criminal underworld of 1970's London. You can find out more about the series via the website www.samefacedifferentplace.co.uk which also has links to Helen's Facebook, twitter pages and blog.

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  1. sounds a great read. Thank you. Anybody called ''christmas'' must be good!!


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